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1.-Brief Synthesis  

When I discovered that it was possible to link the geography expressed by Homer in the Odyssey with the existent geographical accidents in the Norwegian Arctic Circle, it was clear to me that he had to know them personally navigating on some Phoenician ship .

        As a journey like this had to happen completely unknown by the Greeks of the fiveth century before J.C because they only navigated inside the Black Sea and Mediterranean, they only recognized Homer and his immense poetic value. Of these circumstances it jumped the evidence that the Homeric work could be studied again successfully since the geography has not changed substantially in the last five thousand years.

Park Saltfjelle

Park Saltfjelle

        Then I discovered that the geographical knowledge of the Phoenicians could reach Eratosthenes through the map that this called “old” because the geographical distances have been known through Strabo and they correspond at the moment to the reality well-known, as I demonstrated it in my investigation “Colón en la ruta de fenicios y cartagineses” (“Columbus on the Route of Phenicians and Carthaginians”), Santiago of Chile, 1992, the one that has not been rebated up to now nevertheless which was sent to the main foreign libraries. It was only reviewed by Revista de Indias (Journal of Indias), Madrid, 1995 and by “Revista General de Marina” (General Journal of Navy), Madrid, May 1993.

        We have dared to attempt an approach to the Protohistory of our civilization since the investigation is not a hermetic activity but open to those who are interested to discover the facts of the past.

        The investigation is the key of the Science and this the statement of positive facts, demonstrable through different types of methods.

        The investigation or Heuristic is an art and the obtaining of exact consequences obtained through the Hermeneutics forms the base of the historical science. Of well-known facts unknown truths are induced. It will be other people who, with their deep knowledge, they will evaluate the value of the conclusions that we have reached.

Moskvint, Norway

Moskvint, Norway

        No University grants Historian Degree . The History is the trial that the posterity is formed of the past, which can be observed from very diverse points of view.

        After a very detailed study of the cartography of the oecumene that arrived until Eratosthenes and that it has remained ignored to have been up to now erroneously attributed to Ptolemy, we can demonstrate that the Phoenicians had already worried about lifting the map of the northwestern of Europe.

This deduction has been extracted it when analyzing the engravings made by Hephaestus in the shield of Achilles starting from the determination of the meridian of the place hidden under the legend of Proteus, the Old Man of the Sea.

        Some cosmographic knowledge of those that allowed to lift the empiric cartography of China to facilitate the construction of the Great Wall, could arrive as concepts broken into fragments to the Ionic sages, inhabitants of the costs and islands of Asia Minor in the sixth century B.C., as Thales of Miletus and Heraclitus of Ephesus. This would explain the very vague statement attributed to the second of them and that Plato put in mouth of Socrates in his dialog “Cratylus”, 401: “that the entities in their whole walk and nothing remains” “onta ienai te panta kai menein ouden”).  The Greek word “onta” means “beings” and is the plural of (“on”), “the one that is”, “to be”, present participle of the verb (“eimí”), “to be.”